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Ladoré Music - Chanson - World Music - Jazz from Berlin

LADORÉ N°5 ... with the motto "Latinoamérica, mon amour ..."  reflects my approach to life.

The extraordinary fusion of gentle melodies from France with real magic, rhythmic music of Latin America,

inspired by Edith Piaf, Perú Negro, Celia Cruz and many others enlightened me in hard and in good days.

Youtube Playlist complete album

Trailer "La Candela"

"La Candela"

My Dancers and I during the video shoot for "La Candela" at  Hot Milk Studio Berlin Buch

Claudia Maluenda & Canción Ladoré

Canción Ladoré – world music in every sense of the word
Founded by Claudia Maluenda in Berlin the band has worked with international musicians from Latin-American countries, particularly Chile, Peru, Cuba and Argentina, and with guests from Europe since 2002.
Under the artistic direction of singer, dancer and choreographer Claudia Maluenda the musical variety of their diverse programmes spans soulful, thoughtful chansons, contemporary interpretations of Jazz, Bolero and Bossa Nova titles, Cuban Son, Salsa and Tango as well as folk and protest songs.

"PECES EN EL RIO" is a Christmas program like no other.
Traditional songs that are always popular meet rather unknown, mysterious, festive titles.

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