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Salon Culturel Ladoré - Music, Arts & Culture

Salon Culturel LADORÉ takes place up to four times a year in the Ballet Studio Ladoré.
The Ballet Studio Ladoré is the creative centre of Revue Internationale de Danse & Chanson Ladoré, rehearsal space for the Revue Ballet Ladoré and Danza Ladoré as well as for the music band Canción Ladoré.

Inspired by literary and cultural salons, a tradition of 19th century Berlin, the "Salon Culturel Ladoré" aims to be a cultural meeting point: The contemporary salon includes the traditional music and literature and will be enriched by art exhibitions and dance and theatre performances

The Salon Culturel Ladoré provides a platform for artists to tell their stories through music, song, dance, photography, painting and theatre. The aim is to encourage the exchange of experiences, factual and emotional, between artists and audiences.

For the next dates of Salon Culturel LADORÉ please look on the News-Page.

Salon Culturel Ladoré 2023

Salon Culturel Ladoré 2022

Salon Culturel Ladoré 2020

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Christmas Show "Avenida Tannenbaum"

(‘christmas tree avenue’)


The great LADORÉ SHOW for the festive season - Transcontinental Music & Dance - an international seasonal programme for children and the young at heart.

Music, dance and song from France, Spain, Germany, England, Ireland and the Americas with Claudia Maluenda and the Ensemble Ladoré.


Duration: approximately 60 minutes (without interval)

1st part*: (approximately 30 minutes non-stop)

Children and teenagers of Ballet Studio Ladoré dance and sing with Claudia Maluenda.


2nd part: (approximately 30 minutes non-stop)

Ladies and gentlemen of the Ensemble Ladoré dance with Claudia Maluenda.


As required Claudia Maluenda can in both parts be accompanied either with live music by the international band Canción Ladoré or with half-playbacks.


Full programme:

1st and 2nd part: duration 60 minutes without interval

1st and 2nd part with an interval lasting at most 30 minutes: duration approximately 90 minutes


Programme 1st part only*: duration approximately 30 minutes non-stop

Programme 2nd part only: duration approximately 30 minutes non-stop


The christmas show Avenida Tannenbaum is flexible and can be adapted to the client’s needs.

*According to German and international laws for the protection of minors this part of the programme can only be presented on events that guarantee fulfilling the necessary regulations.

Cover CD Vol. II


"PECES EN EL RIO" is a Christmas program like no other.
Traditional songs that are always popular meet rather unknown, mysterious, festive titles.


Trailer Weihnachtsrevue 2019

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