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Claudia Maluenda was born in Santiago de Chile. Having fled the violent putsch in 1973, her family lived in political exile and Claudia grew up in Lima, Paris and Algiers. Later she moved to Berlin to study, and it’s here that since 2002 she runs “Ladoré Arts” and the “Salon Culturel Ladoré”, which synthesise her choreographic, dance and musical work.


Her fourth album is the realisation of long-held plans and a departure from her previous work. As a wanderer between countries and cultures, she learned to feel at home in this bright, yet melancholic music. The newly and individually interpreted classics on “Chansons – toujours Ladoré” are dedicated to Claudia’s French friend Marie, who had helped the family with the difficult new start.

Claudia’s sensitive voice and the poetic lyrics of the newly arranged songs tell magic-realist stories filled with tenderness, longing, sorrow and joy.

Berlin, February 2019

Claudia Maluenda Chansons - toujours Ladoré -

This is a CD about not forgetting.


Claudia Maluenda dedicates it to her family in Chile and Peru, to her friends and to all victims of the Pinochet dictatorship who were tortured, “disappeared” or died, to all who are today suffering from injustice and to all who fight against it.

“I sing songs, that have accompanied us in the years of our flight and that have helped us conserve our identity, that tell of the good and bad in life and of humanity and justice.”

“Gracias a la vida, que me ha dado tanto… thanks be to life that has given me so much”.

Arauco tiene una pena
La carta
Te recuerdo Amanda
Tu voz
La Flor de la Canela
Que dirá el Santo Padre
Todos vuelven
Gracias a la vida

"Sentimiento, protesta y amor“ (latinoamérica, mon amour... vol. iii)

Christmas Album: „Peces en el Rio“ (latinoamérica, mon amour... vol.ii)

"Peces en el rio” is a seasonal programme unlike any other, celebrating cheerfulness, whilst evoking thoughtful contemplation.


Traditional songs meet with less known mystically festive titles. The choice of songs mirrors the international band and the singer’s roots in different places all over the world.

New sounds and worlds are shared with the audience, evoking the feeling that throughout the world the celebration of Christmas expresses an everlasting yearning for happiness, love and togetherness.

Señora Doña Maria
Entre le Bœuf et l’Âne Gris
Kling Glöckchen
Oh Tannenbaum
Hijo de la luna
Jingle Bells
Kyrie (Misa Criolla)
Gloria (Misa Criolla)
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Peces En El Rio
Stille Nacht Heilige Nacht
La Virgen bajo a lavar

In their diverse programme "Latinoamérica, mon amour…" Claudia Maluenda and her musicians fuse two characteristic genres - French Chanson and the diversity of Latin-American music - to a novel musical experience.


Claudia Maluenda’s sensitive voice and lyrics full of poetry tell tales of "real magic": they enchant audiences with tenderness, passion, sorrow, happiness and yearning, all at the same time.The musical range includes soulful, reflective chansons, newly interpreted jazz, bolero and bossa nova, salsa, son and tango titles as well as dance music.

Alma, Corazon y Vida
Ma Liberté
Dos Gardenias
Mas que Nada
Tu mi Delirio
Sabor a Mi
Lágrimas Negras
Garota de Ipanema
Duerme Negrito
Ma Solitude
Amor de mis Amores _ La Foule

"Latinoamérica, mon amour…“ (vol. i)
Chansons from Latin America and France… a musical journey through time and space…

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