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Ballet Studio Ladoré

as part of the Moabiter Kulturtage “Inselglück 2009” (‘Happiness on our isle’)

Dance & Concert, Saturday, June 27, 2009

Performance by children and teenagers of Ballet Studio Ladoré

with extracts from the Children and Youth Revue “A Danced Wander” by Claudia Maluenda

and students from Mika Yuasa’s course “Ballet for boys”

Performance by adults of Ballet Studio Ladoré

with Belly Dance (Christine Chemara),

Ballet (Angela Reinhardt, former principal dancer of the Komische Oper Berlin),

Tango (Laura Priori),

Pilates (Anja Richter),

Dance for oncological patients

and Latin Jazz Dance (both Claudia Maluenda)

Concert with Canción Ladoré

Guitar: Rodrigo Santa Maria

Violin: Gloria Diaz

Percussion: Cristian Carvacho

Celebrate, enjoy the buffet and browse the arts and crafts bazaar


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