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Festive charity gala in support of the Deutsche Krebshilfe (German Cancer Aid)

Akademie der Künste, Studio Großes Parkett

Sunday, June 17, 2012 at 4pm


Children and teenagers of Ballet Studio Ladoré present excerpts from their repertoire.

Claudia Maluenda & Ensemble Ladoré as well as invited friends & special guests celebrate with them: 10 YEARS OF LADORÉ ARTS – a festive charity gala with music, dance and poetry in support of the Deutsche Krebshilfe.

Organiser: Ladoré Arts by Claudia Maluenda.

January 3, 2002 – First show by LADORÉ - Revue Internationale de Danse & Chanson

Then as now the show opens with „OUVERTURE!“, an elegant revue ballet, and is followed by further dances such as the choreographed chanson „LA FOULE“ or the modern interpretation of „TANGO“.

Easter 2002 - Start of dance classes for children in BALLET STUDIO LADORÉ

More than 60 students present excerpts from their wide repertoire for you.

Several students already participate in the professional company Ensemble Ladoré.

Autumn 2002 - Premiere of the Chanson Revue „Latinoamérica, mon amour...“ The songs presented today, „MA LIBERTÉ“ and „GAROTA DE IPANEMA“, are just an excerpt of this varied and extensive programme of chansons and songs.

2007 – Introduction of „Dance for Oncological Patients“

The idea to support patients' recovery through dance could be continuously expanded and developed thanks to a sponsor for this scientifically supported project.

2002-2012 ... in these 10 years various events, concerts and galas took place as well as many more activities by

LADORÉ ARTS by Claudia Maluenda: the event series „Salon Culturel Ladoré“, CDs „Latinoamérica, mon amour...“ and „Peces En El Rio“, the children and youth revues „A Danced Wander“ and „Journey around the World“, the Christmas programme „Avenida Tannenbaum“, etc.

All these activities join together in a programme appealing to all ages in the festive charity gala at the occasion of the 10 year anniversary of LADORÉ ARTS, which we would like to dedicate to the DEUTSCHE KREBSHILFE in order to support the fight against this disease with MUSIC, DANCE and POETRY.

I am delighted to present to you the results of ten years of fulfilling and exciting and always surprising and passionate work. The children, teenagers and adult participants have worked very hard and were full of commitment during their classes and rehearsals. I particularly thank them and my friends and guests Maria Antonia, Gloria, Lea, Rodrigo, Uwe, Tom, Marco and Magic Clown Yupp. A love for dancing, playing music and singing are the driving force for our artistic work. Working with all the participants of this gala was a source of inspiration, strength, and love for life for me: This is what LADORÉ ARTS is about!

I would like to thank all the parents and friends, who have supported me, the sponsors and donors as well as the Akademie der Künste and wish you all much fun and happiness!


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