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As part of "ORTSTERMIN 2015" Claudia Maluenda invites you to the 9th Salon Culturel Ladoré with two exhibitions and a dance and music performance by Ladoré Arts:

Merav Leibküchler: "THE GAME", paintings, and Anna Rozkosny: "CESTA", photography

Merav Leibküchler is a young German-Israeli artist who has lived in Berlin since 2011. Since 2012 she studies fine arts at the University of the Arts Berlin (UDK).

Before that she trained in contemporary dance at MASPA (Matte Asher School of Performing Arts) in Israel.

Merav describes her arts as a manuscript for her "game". Every art work is a step, which connects with the others or gets lost in chaos. She "plays" with her fears, passions and with emptiness.

Anna Rozkosny is a young artist born in Berlin. She trained to be a photo designer at Lette-Verein and now works as a freelance photographer.

CESTA, the title of this exhibition, is Czech for "journey".

"So you know your goal" he asked. "Yes", I replied, "I've just told you. Out of here – that's my goal."

(Franz Kafka, "The Departure")

Saturday, 4 - Sunday, 5 July 2015


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