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On the occasion of Chile's national holiday Claudia Maluenda & Ladoré Arts present the 8th SALON CULTUREL LADORÉ with a concert by Chilean composer and musician Rodrigo Santa María, whose artistic roots lie in the richness and diversity of Latin-American music.

He unites various music styles from Brazilian Bossa Nova to Chacarera and Argentinean Zamba of South America’s east coast to Peruvian Landó, the rhythms of the high plains and Chilean folk music of the west coast.

He plays contemporary guitar music that fuses folk, classical and modern elements in a unique style.

On this occasion he will be accompanied by two saxophones and present music from his CDs „Sobras Completas“ and „Élitro“.

Music: „Rodrigo Santa María Trio“

Rodrigo Santa María (guitar and vocals)

Yanina Lombardi (alto saxophone)

Carlo Scandurra (alto and soprano saxophone)

Furthermore the closing event of the exhibition „Landscapes of Chile“ – landscape photography by photographer Anna Rozkosny will be taking place.

Buffet with wine and snacks from Chile

Saturday, September 20, 2014


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