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As part of the „Kulturfestival Wedding Moabit“ Claudia Maluenda & Ladoré Arts present the 7th SALON CULTUREL LADORÉ and the opening event of the exhibition „Landscapes of Chile“ – landscape photography by photographer Anna Rozkosny from Berlin.

Anna has been particularly fascinated with the dry lands of the North of Chile and the vast landscapes of the Atacama Desert. In this exhibition she focuses on these regions.

With a distant yet poetic camera she takes us to the Antofagasta Region and the misty landscapes of the national park „Bosque de Fray Jorge“ in Coquimbo Region.

Music: „Canción Ladoré“

with Rodrigo Santa María, Chile (guitar and vocals) and Yanina Lombardi, Argentinien (saxophone).

Buffet with wine and snacks from Chile

Saturday, September 13, 2014


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