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I am delighted to present an exclusive collection of paintings by young Japanese artists from November 21, 2009 at the Ballet Studio Ladoré.

Opening of the exhibition “Aesthetics and Ornamentation“ with works by Taro Otani and Misako Kokubo, Nanako Shikata, Testsuhiro and Kiyomi Uozumi as well as Atsushi Tawa


Claudia Maluenda recites classical Japanese haiku by Matsuo Basho.

She is accompanied by CANCIÓN LADORÉ

(Gloria Diaz, violin & Rodrigo Santa Maria, guitar)

playing Erik Satie.

Afterwards I invite you to join a buffet with wine.


“I am a Japanese artist, but have lived in Germany since 20 years of age.

After graduating in Painting from the Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Karlsruhe, I worked first in Leipzig and have lived in Berlin since 2006.

In addition to my fundamental knowledge of Japanese and Asian arts, I gained access to modern European painting traditions during my studies in Germany.

A focal point of my work is my interest in the influences European cultural tradition has on contemporary perception and mindset.

Therefore my training in Europe was of great importance, enhancing my knowledge of Asian characteristics.

My motivation as a painter is the attempt to develop a new pictorial language within the European modernistic tradition. Even though my works are hardly conceptual, an exhaustive examination of artistic and cultural theories is essential for my creations.

Having been distanced from the Japanese traditions I am now able to critically reflect on them and approach them with European means, thereby creating novel work. I would like to contribute to the strengthening of artistic transfer between two cultures, the traditional Japanese and the modern-Western, which were originally at odds with each other.“


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