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As part of the arts festival ‘ORTSTERMIN 2016 - FLIGHT and IDENTITY’

Claudia Maluenda invites you to the

10th Salon Culturel Ladoré

on June 4, 2016

Concert and CD release of her new album

‘Sentimiento, Protesta y Amor’

Latinoamérica, mon amour … Vol. III

Opening of the exhibition

‘Uprooted – Rooted’

Printmaking and poster art from Chile

Selection of Marc S.’ private collection


Printmaking and poster art from Chile

Selection of Marc S.’ private collection

Chile may seem a distant land, yet its complex history is very close to ours in some aspects.

Chile has produced a multifaceted, independent and unique graphics and poster art, which is rooted in several characteristic traditions:

Aside from the melting pot of different cultures, that’s so typical of many Latin American countries, this is mostly the art of the indigenous peoples of Chile that has survived until today, and of course the close connection of modern Chilean artists with the everyday life of the man (and woman) on the street as well as the dramatic political developments of the second half of the 20th century, that led to brutal persecution, flight, exile, search for identity and return after a difficult odyssey of some of this art form’s most prominent representatives.

The exhibition aims to represent this wide range.

Amongst others it will show works by Santos Chávez, Victor Contreras Tapias, Hernando León und Guillermo Núñez, individual examples of Murales (Street Art) as well as some historical and political posters.

CD „SENTIMIENTO, Protesta y Amor“ Latinoamérica, mon amour … Vol. III:

About “Sentimiento, Protesta y Amor”

The memory of an irretrievable past, the loss of a familiar home, flight and displacement, the difficulties of beginning a new existence, and adapting to an alien reality while conserving one’s identity have been the leitmotifs of many biographies throughout history.

Current events move people worldwide. For Claudia Maluenda they stir memories of her own childhood and youth. Persecuted by Pinochet’s military dictatorship that violently overthrew the democratically elected government of president Dr Salvador Allende, her family had to flee her home town of Santiago de Chile in 1973.

At first their flight led them to Lima in Peru, her father’s home country. Then their formative “Odyssey” led them through Paris, Algiers and at last back to Peru during the difficult 1980s before returning to Santiago de Chile when the dictatorship had ended.

Claudia Maluenda started her own family in Berlin and since completing her studies she has worked as a freelance dance artist and singer in concerts, dance and musical productions.

Since 2002 she directs “Ladoré Arts”, a synthesis of her choreographic, dance and musical work. In her ballet studio she hosts “Salon Culturel Ladoré”, a series of social and cultural events, and provides dance classes and artistic training for children and teenagers.

“Sentimiento, Protesta y Amor”, is a CD about not forgetting. Claudia Maluenda dedicates it to her family in Chile and Peru, to her friends and to all victims of the Pinochet dictatorship who were tortured, “disappeared” or died, to all who are today suffering from injustice and to all who fight against it.

“I sing songs, that have accompanied us in the years of our flight and that have helped us conserve our identity, that tell of the good and bad in life and of humanity and justice.” “Gracias a la vida, que me ha dado tanto… thanks be to life that has given me so much”.

Claudia Maluenda Berlin 2016


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